Is Childhood Obesity Reversible?


Obesity is a growing epidemic in this country. And with the growth of fast food chains worldwide, this epidemic is going to spread globally. While some overweight individuals successfully lose weight, there are many who struggle. Maintaining weight loss is even a bigger battle.

A recent animal model study by Dr. Malcolm Low at the University of Michigan showed that the longer the mice remained overweight, the more irreversible obesity became. And chronically overfed mice who developed obesity in infancy never returned to normal weight, even with intense dieting and exercise. This study supports the importance of tackling childhood obesity.

These findings confirm that at some point a switch is flipped, making it nearly impossible for an obese person to become normal weight, despite dieting and exercise. There is no explanation for how and why this switch is turned on. The mechanism is unknown and further research is needed.

Many people disagree with this study’s results. We may never fully understand the mechanisms of metabolism. Therefore, it’s important to prevent childhood obesity, rather than try to reverse it. Beyond The Mediterranean Diet offers a practical solution to eating healthfully without deprivation. The recipes are delicious and the photographs are stunning!

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