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A locavore is a person whose diet consists mostly of locally grown and produced food.

Why is it that buying, cooking and enjoying local food makes you feel so much better? Because you’re supporting your community and the food is fresher and indeed more delicious and nutritious.

Don’t you love seeing a hand written sign on the side of the road pointing to a local farm? For me, local food reminds me of my childhood. My Papa Benny, an immigrant from eastern Europe, visited our family almost every Sunday afternoon. The back of his station wagon was full of fresh produce from the Hunts Point Market.  I remember biting into peaches and having the juice run down my face. My papa was in the business ~ he sold fruits and vegetables from a tiny storefront in the Bronx and from a pushcart in Harlem, New York.

Now I know why I love the taste, smell and sight of fresh food! It brings back memories and feelings of comfort. Plus being a locavore means you’re doing the right thing for your body, soul and Mother Earth!