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31 Dietitian Approved Wheat-Free Snacks and Recipes

Jill say’s: Living with a wheat allergy isn’t easy—if you live with one, you know this. If you’re avoiding wheat (by choice or by necessity), you know that wheat is everywhere in our food supply and hard to avoid. Not only do you need to know where the wheat is hiding, you also must be aware of the nutritional pitfalls of going wheat-free, like how to find fiber-rich food alternatives.

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Layne’s Wheat-Free Corn Zucchini Pancakes

These gluten-free corn zucchini pancakes are a perfect way to use up frozen leftover summer corn and zucchini that may still be growing in the garden (or still available at the market). Check out the recipe here.

Easy Grab-n-Go Wheat-Free Snacks, adapted from Jill Castle’s article:

Almonds-choose dry-roasted or raw

Mixed nuts-choose dry-roasted or raw

Dried fruit including raisins-choose unsulphured

Individual cups of canned fruit-choose packed in juice or water, no added sugar

Fresh fruit-choose organic/seasonal/local when available

Peanut butter-choose natural, no added salt

Rice cakes-choose unsalted or lightly salted

Applesauce cups-choose natural, no sugar added, organic

Hard boiled egg-choose organic

Tomato or V8 juice-choose unsalted

Fresh veggies-choose seasonal/local/organic

Hummus-choose brands without added preservatives and additives like sodium benzoate

For more nutritious and delicious recipes with a practical approach to a healthy and wholesome diet, pick up a copy of Layne’s book: Beyond The Mediterranean Diet: European Secrets Of The Super-Healthy.

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