This is an excerpt from Diets In Review posted on March 14th, 2014 by Liz Simmons –Editorial Intern for Diets In Review

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10 Recipes from Registered Dietitians that Prove Eating Right Can Taste Great 

Enjoying the taste of eating right is something we do every day at DietsInReview, so we were thrilled to discover “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right” was this year’s theme for National Nutrition Month!


Every year, March is set aside to celebrate health, especially nutrition. With a theme like this year’s, we knew we had to do something more than share nutrition tips. Instead we reached out to some of our favorite Registered Dietitians and asked them to share their recipes that are the perfect combination of eating right and eating well.

Click here for the recipe: Shrimp with Creamy Avocado on Thin Rye

Taken directly from her book, Beyond the Mediterranean Diet: European Secrets of the Super Health, this recipe from award-winning Culinary Nutritionist Layne Lieberman, RD is a simple open-faced sandwich that is sure to satisfy. With only seven ingredients, this is a healthy recipe that anyone can make.